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Building Management Services

Building Management Services


Apartment Management, Site Management, Management Services "A quality and a happy living environment" However, it can be achieved through the work of experienced and professional managers supported by information technology.

Our firm, which contributes to the quality of life of its customers with its professional services, establishes the necessary management systems to manage and operate your apartment primarily in compliance with the law and in order to provide added value to your life.

Our Management Services

  • Processing of all income and expenditure documents related to the building or site in the business book.
  • Processing of bank dues and other income into the business book.
  • Payments related to third parties and companies,
  • Announcement of monthly income and expenditure tables to floor owners.
  • Annual Activity Report; Submission to the House of Houses General Assembly at the end of the year.
  • Presentation of quarterly activity report to floor owners and supervisory board.
  • Notification of debt before legal proceedings are made to floor owners who do not pay the borrower.
  • Preparation of the Operation Project and notification to floor owners.
  • Notification of fees to the floor owners who can not pay the subsidies and other common expenses despite the warning.
  • To pay the fees and other expenses of the floor owners who do not pay the notice despite the notice drawn from the notary public and to collect the receivables by filing a lawsuit.
  • Ensure that the minimum number of disputes arising from contracts with third parties and companies is reduced.
  • Tracking and concluding legal disputes with third parties and companies that may arise in connection with the building or site.
  • Transition from floor easement to floor ownership.
  • Preparation of SGK Workplace Declaration and notification to SGK.
  • Receiving the internet usage password from SGK.
  • Preparation of the personal data file of the building worker,
  • SGK recruitment process.
  • Regulation of SGK Monthly Premium and Service Document.
  • Monthly Fee for the building worker
  • The salary payment of the building worker,
  • Deposits of SGK premiums of building staff.
  • Issuance of annual paid leave and arrangement of annual leave permit
  • Monthly periodic maintenance and repair of lifts,
  • Periodical maintenance and repair of the burner and boiler used in the building or on the site.
  • Periodic maintenance of the fire tubes in the building or on the site,
  • Construction, modification, maintenance and repair of exterior façade works.
  • Elimination of problems that may occur in the electricity or plumbing of common areas in the building or on the street.
  • Painting, modification, repair and maintenance works of the common areas of the building or site, if deemed necessary.
  • Ensuring regular cleaning of the common areas of the building or site,
  • Cleaning of the building or site surroundings, garden and parking lot cleaning,
  • Drinking of the building or site to prevent insects and bad smells,
  • The allocation of the security team needed for buildings or sites,
  • Security cameras of buildings or sites, installation of security alarms,
  • Taking all kinds of measures against incidents such as theft,
  •  Security units are directed to the scene of the incident as soon as possible during a security breach.

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