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Professional Team Services

Professional Team Services


  • Execution of all management issues and accounting studies related to your building;

The registration and follow-up of all the accounting transactions belonging to Binalara, apartment movements constitute a problem for all administrations. Regular and timely registrations make it difficult for governments to ensure that registrations are healthy. This registration and follow-up process is done by our professional accounting staff in your name. This will reduce your workload and area of ​​responsibility.

  • Keeping your business notebook in your name and casting it at any time;

In common living areas such as apartments and sites where the management plan is based on the Condominium Ownership Act, governments record all the income-expenditure movements during the period and keep all the books regularly in order to provide a trial.

  • Staff services;

Payroll transactions, issuance of SSI declarations, input and output transactions, compliance with labor law, availability of weekly and annual leave, funding of account indemnity charges in the bank to be determined by the management.

  • Delayed Collections and Advocacy services;

We provide to our partners in the shortest time possible and in accordance with the law to process all claims that can not be collected through Yalçın Legal and Consultancy Bureau and all the legal transactions that occur or will occur, without any fee.

  • Information services;

When residents call the company headquarters by phone, they will be able to find out all the details and information about their accounts instantly. Apartment residents will be able to receive a number of reports such as account movements, debts and credits, common area expenses, etc., with the password to be given on our website. They will be provided with information from their accounts by sending an e-mail to the residents who want to follow their computer accounts via the computer.


With this service, you will strengthen the confidence of the owners of the floor which will be managed with a more transparent and reliable understanding. "A quality and a happy living environment" However, it can be achieved through the work of experienced and professional managers supported by information technology. It is our primary goal to have your site managed before anything else in accordance with law and helping you to have a more comfortable life.

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